Young Moscow government official sent to fight in Ukraine without training and killed


The head of a department in the office of the mayor of Moscow was sent to fight in Ukraine without any combat experience. Russian media reports that the official was killed during the hostilities in Ukraine.

Source: Meduza, a Russian media outlet based in Latvia, quoting Natalya Loseva, deputy editor of RT, a Russian propaganda television channel

Details: Loseva said Aleksey Martynov, 28, was killed in Ukraine on October 10. He headed a department in the office of the mayor of Moscow.

Quotation: “He was drafted on September 23. When he was younger, he served in the Semyonovsky regiment […]. He had no combat experience. He was deployed to the front for several days [after being conscripted].”


  • The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said that the Russian command was deploying newly conscripted soldiers to the front without proper training in order to replenish units that suffered losses.

  • On October 6, a spokeswoman for Operational Command Pivden (South) said Russians mobilized after September 21, when the so-called partial mobilization was announced in Russia, were becoming cannon fodder in the south. from Ukraine.

  • BBC News Russia reported that Russia admitted the deaths of several of its conscripts in Ukraine and that these soldiers were sent to the front without training.

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