US Treasury imposes sanctions on former Ukrainian government official

The US Treasury Department has imposed sanctions on former Ukrainian government official Andriy Portnov, accusing him of buying influence in the Ukrainian judicial system.

The Treasury Department named Portnov to a list of 15 people and entities in several Central American, African and European countries designated for alleged corruption and serious human rights abuses.

Portnov, a former lawmaker and deputy head of former President Viktor Yanukovych’s administration, cultivated close ties to Ukraine’s judiciary and police through corruption, the Treasury Department said.

“Widely known as a judicial fixer, Portnov has been credibly accused of using his influence to buy access and decisions from Ukrainian courts and to undermine reform efforts,” the department said in a statement. “As of 2019, Portnov took steps to control the Ukrainian judicial system, influence related legislation, seek to place loyal officials in senior judicial positions and buy court decisions.

Portnov colluded in 2019 with a senior Ukrainian government official to shape the country’s superior legal institutions to their advantage and influence Ukraine’s Constitutional Court, the Treasury Department said. Portnov was also involved in an attempt to influence Ukraine’s prosecutor general, he added.

The sanctions block any assets Portnov may have in the United States, prevent Americans from doing business with them, and subject people and companies who do business with them to potential sanctions.

There was no immediate reaction from Portnov on Telegram or Twitter.

According to information from Reuters

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