US politician testifies to meeting donor via Giuliani at Trump hotel

A former Nevada gubernatorial candidate said on Friday that former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani introduced him to Lev Parnas, a former associate of Giuliani currently on trial us / campaign-finance-trial- contre-ex-giuliani-associés-parnas-kicks-off-2021-10-13 for alleged violations of the campaign finance law, which facilitated a contribution to the candidate.

Adam Laxalt, who lost his bid for the governor, said he finally received a donation of $ 10,000 from Parnas associate Igor Fruman shortly before the November 6, 2018 election, but said his campaign did not accept funds due to doubts about the true source and was concerned that the contribution was illegal. Prosecutors called Laxalt to testify in Parnas’ trial in federal court in Manhattan. The Ukrainian native has been accused of illegally diverting money from a Russian businessman into campaigning candidates for election in states where Parnas, Fruman and his associates were seeking licenses to run companies in cannabis.

Laxalt said he met Giuliani, who was then personal attorney for former President Donald Trump, at the Trump International Hotel in Washington two months before the 2018 state election. Laxalt, a Republican, said he had then accompanied Giuliani to a hotel balcony, where a group including Parnas were smoking cigars and drinking. Parnas “immediately offered to help my campaign,” Laxalt told the jury in the case overseen by US District Judge J. Paul Oetken.

There is no indication that Giuliani did anything illegal in introducing Laxalt to Parnas. Prosecutors are separately examining whether Giuliani violated lobbying laws while working as Trump’s attorney. Giuliani has not been charged with any crime and has denied any wrongdoing. The case gained attention because of the roles of Parnas and former co-accused Fruman helping Giuliani investigate President Joe Biden’s activities in Ukraine. Biden, a Democrat, defeated Trump in the Republican’s 2020 candidacy for re-election.

Giuliani’s attorney said Parnas’ case and the lobbying investigation were unrelated. Parnas pleaded not guilty. Belarus-born Fruman pleaded guilty in September .

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