The most senior official implicated in the partygate scandal

Mr Case studied history at the University of Cambridge and then undertook a doctorate at Queen Mary University of London where he completed a dissertation on the contribution the Joint Intelligence Committee has made to UK policy on the Germany at the start of the Cold War.

After his doctorate, he joined the civil service in 2006 and worked for GCHQ, becoming the cyber agency’s director of strategy. He has also held positions in the Northern Ireland Office and the Cabinet Office, where he was Director of the Implementation Group.

He worked as a private secretary in Downing Street, then led Whitehall’s preparations for Brexit.

As Director General for Northern Ireland and Ireland in the former EU Exit Department, he was tasked with trying to resolve the thorny issue of the Northern Irish border in Brexit talks.

His appointment as Prince William’s closest adviser in 2018 was seen at the time as a signal of the Duke’s intentions for his future work as a full-time royal, with him increasingly supporting the Queen and meeting world leaders in an official capacity.

Mr Case was then brought back into public service in April 2020 as part of the Government’s drive to step up efforts to fight coronavirus by deploying their brightest and best minds on the issue.

He has been asked to lead the Cabinet Office’s work to ensure the “unprotected vulnerable”, including food bank users and potential victims of domestic violence, receive adequate support during lockdown.

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