The captain of Cuomo’s dog left at the mansion after the governor’s departure

ALBANY – Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, who stayed with one of his sisters in Westchester County during the last days of her third term, recently asked members of the staff at the Executive Mansion if anyone would like to keep his dog, the captain, who remained in the state-owned residence after the governor recently moved.

Two state police sources told The Times Union on Saturday that the governor recently asked staff at the mansion if anyone would be interested in taking care of the dog. The captain – a nervous mix of Shepherd, Siberian and Malamute – has bitten a few people since Cuomo adopted him in 2018, the sources said, and a mansion staff member recently brought the dog home for a few days but decided it was too much.

Richard Azzopardi, senior adviser and spokesperson for the governor, lambasted the allegation that the governor was looking for someone to care for the dog. He said the arrangement was only “temporary” as the governor, who is due to step down on Monday at 11.59pm, is considering taking a vacation.

Azzopardi also said he and the governor had more important things to deal with as the tropical Henri system moved to southern New York and New England.

“The captain is part of the governor’s family and the fact that your anonymous and ill-informed source suggests that they tried to give him away is false,” Azzopardi said in a statement on Saturday. “Someone offered to watch him for a few days while the transition was underway, but for that to be turned into a weapon and turn from a phone game to pages in your diary is absurd – now excuse us, we we are preparing for a major storm. “

In a previous conversation, Azzopardi had said: “He wants to go on vacation. They love this dog. … That’s not what he asked: he didn’t ask to give the dog. … This unnamed source is crazy … I can’t believe that’s what I’m facing right now, as I’m facing a big storm. “

But a state police source said they were told “he tried to give the dog to (an employee of the mansion). … Apparently (the employee) brought the dog home and it didn’t work – the dog walks him, he doesn’t ‘walk the dog. “

The source, in an interview on Saturday, also said the dog had bitten “several state police” as well as staff, “and the governor would just laugh. … The dog is staying at the mansion.”

Cuomo first introduced the then 14-week-old dog in 2018 to a delegation from the State Conference of Mayors during his visit to the Executive Mansion.

Cuomo, who struggled to control the dog during this public introduction, said his daughters suggested taking the dog but were “nowhere to be found.”

“He will only urinate inside,” Cuomo said three years ago. “He has a sort of climatic sensitivity that dominates his stool.”

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