The Bribe Saga: yet another Assam government official arrested for accepting a bribe

Hojai: In recent months, the state government-led Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Directorate and Police in Assam have been tough on corrupt officials and others engaging in unscrupulous activities . In the latest case of an official caught taking bribes, the anti-corruption and vigilance team apprehended a Laat-Mandal for accepting bribes at the Hojai Revenue Circle office.

The accused has been identified as Debananda Bora. According to reports, a complainant had filed a complaint with management against Bora regarding the processing of the sales authorization concerning the complainant.

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The complainant had planned to sell land in Hojai City and had requested a sale authorization in this regard from the Circle Office Hojai. Bora had demanded the money as a bribe, instead of processing the complainant’s sales authorization.

The complainant, however, approached the management to take legal action against the grievor.

As a result, a trap was set today by a team from the Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Directorate, Assam, in the office of the circle manager, Hojai Revenue Circle and Sri Debananda Bora, Laat Mandal du Hojai. Revenue Circle, was caught red-handed inside the office after taking the complainant’s bribe money, as he had requested earlier.

A case was registered in ACB PS on 12/17/2021 empty ACB PS Case No. 16/2021 U / S 7 (a) / 13 (2) of Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 (as amended in 2018) against Sri Debananda Bora, Lat Mandal of the Hojai Revenue Circle, in this regard.

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