Sudanese government official claims failed coup plotters belonged to Bashir regime

By Mostafa Salem, Nima Elbagir and Yasir Abdullah, CNN

An attempted military coup failed Tuesday in Sudan and most of the officers involved were arrested, according to three high-ranking government and military sources.

About 40 officers were arrested after trying to take over the buildings of state television and the army general command, a high-ranking government source said.

After the attempt, the Sudanese army spread to the capital Khartoum.

Sudanese Information and Media Minister and government spokesman Hamza Bloul said the situation in the country was “completely under control” after what senior government officials called a failure. an attempted military coup in the country.

“There has been a failed coup attempt by military officers from the remnants of the old regime, we confirm as the transitional council that we are fully coordinating and we comfort the Sudanese people that the situation is completely under. control, ”Bloul said.

“The military and civilian leaders of the attempted coup have been arrested and are being questioned after the coup cells were thwarted at the Shaghara base. The authorities are pursuing the remnants of the old regime which played a role in the attempted coup, ”he added.

Bloul also advised citizens to be careful. “We call on the Sudanese people to be vigilant and to be aware of the repeated attempts against the honorable December Revolution,” he added.

A military statement is expected to be released later Tuesday.

Sudan’s longtime leader Omar Bashir was ousted in a military coup in April 2019 following a long popular revolt, and in December 2019, was sentenced to two years in a penal institution after being convicted of bribery and illegitimate possession of foreign currency.

The Sudanese government has said it hand over Bashir to the International Criminal Court (ICC) as well as other officials wanted for the Darfur conflict, a cabinet of ministers said in a statement to CNN.

Bashir, who ruled Sudan for three decades, faces charges of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in Darfur.

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