Stability in Havana according to government official


In a conversation with Prensa Latina, Góngora notably highlighted the success of the neutralization of Covid-19, and the best proof of this are the only 29 cases and cero deaths yesterday.

“We have seen a gradual decrease over the past 14 weeks, thanks to all the teamwork that has been done,” he said.

The vice-governor of the main Cuban city stressed that this reduction is due to the vaccination process and highlighted the five candidates created by scientists from the Caribbean island, three of which have already been validated for emergency use.

Cuba became the first country in the world to vaccinate its children from the age of two.

He recalled that on the 15th, airports, marinas and borders opened up to international tourism.

However, he admitted that the situation in Havana is complex, although actions are being taken with popular participation to deal with the difficulties.

He noted that the effects of the 243 additional measures of the US blockade against Cuba implemented by Donald Trump have affected the economy to unsuspected levels.

You have to be in Havana, in our country, to know what’s going on; it has a practical effect on daily life as the United States seeks to encourage internal counterrevolution to destabilize the country, he said.

Góngora assured that the call for the March 15 November responded to foreign interests and intended to attack the sovereignty and independence of Cuba.

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