Spotlight on a Lieutenant Governor Candidate: Illegal Immigration

And we’re back with Wide + Freedom Candidate Spotlight Series! Each week we reach out to candidates across the Commonwealth for election to public office – an equal number of Democrats and Republicans; holders and challengers. We ask one question a week about pressing public policies for you. Those who choose to respond will have their responses shared on our website each week. (Please see a special statement on unresponsive applicants here.)

Earlier this week, US Senate and Governor candidates shared their thoughts on illegal immigration. Today, our candidates for Lieutenant Governor are taking part.

If you are running for public office in Pennsylvania and would like to participate, please contact [email protected]

This week’s question: Governors of border states have made headlines by transporting undocumented immigrants to various “sanctuary cities” in the north. How should the growing crisis at the border be managed and should the burden be shared across the country?

Austin Davis (D)

Austin Davis chose not to respond this week.

Carrie Lewis DelRosso (right)

As Lieutenant Governor, I will serve Pennsylvania with Col. Doug Mastriano and our team to prioritize securing our borders. The Mastriano-DelRosso administration will strive to do whatever it takes to hire and train our first responders to make our communities safe again. I will advocate for fully funding our law enforcement and prioritizing safe communities.

In this time of record inflation, our hard-working Pennsylvanians are struggling enough to afford gas and groceries, let alone shoulder the financial burden of housing illegal immigrants.

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