Senior Government Official to David Friedman: ‘Don’t Be So Jewish’

NEW YORK (VINnews) — A shocking new exchange has surfaced, in which a senior State Department official told David Friedman in 2017, “Don’t be so Jewish.

Mr. Friedman, a former US ambassador to Israel, spoke about the anti-Semitic incident in his new memoir, which is due out next week.

It happened when Mr. Friedman was busy preparing for President Trump’s first visit to Israel in May 2017. Many State Department officials strongly resisted Trump’s commitment to move the Israeli embassy. . Mr. Friedman tried to persuade them to accept recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital as a first step, but won such a defiance that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson even refused to answer his pleas.

As quoted on Breitbart News, Mr. Friedman’s book describes his efforts to support Israel, and the vicious response he received from career bureaucrats living in the swamps in the “deep state”:

Word of my stubborn insistence on standing by our ally Israel had by now circulated widely within the State Department. Another senior executive decided to call me and give me the following advice: “Mr. Ambassador, don’t be so Jewish.


“Don’t be so Jewish. You represent the United States of America. Mitigate Judaism in your work. Don’t be so Jewish.

I was furious. “Do you think I’m disillusioned with who I represent? I’m not a politically correct person, but I have to ask you why the laws of political correctness don’t apply to Jews? »

“Just a free tip.” Worth the price.

In the end, despite resistance and endless profanity, the embassy move was extremely successful and took Middle East diplomacy to a whole new level, culminating in the Abraham Accords.

Mr. Friedman observed that his struggles with the State Department ended when Mike Pompeo became secretary in 2018.

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