Politician from Tucuman at the United States Embassy

luxurious Bosch PalaceHead office since 1929 United States Embassy in Argentinawas a place of meeting and reception of honor for former scholarship holders of exchange programs River Plate University Foundation (FURP) with a North American country. The conclave brought together important leaders from all the political conclaves, including important politicians from Tucumán.

“With Bill’s Sachs”The story posted on Instagram by the Mayor of Tafí Viejo reads, Javier NogueraThere he was photographed posing in the Bosch Palace next to former US President Bill Clinton’s saxophone edward garwichTucuman, a great man in charge of finance and current Minister of the Economy.

Noguera was also shown as part of the FURP conclave with two fanatics from Tucumán: in another photo he was seen with a radical parishioner. Augustin Romano Norianear the mayor alfa in germanand Chief of Staff of Yerba Buena, Correl Manualthe right hand of will Marian CamperoAlso a FURP Fellow.

“Unity, respect, tolerance, the values ​​that unite us”, summarizes Yerbabuenense Kaurel in the photo with his co-religionist Alfarista and Kirchnerista mayor of Tafiseno. were also present Enrique Martinez LuqueA former journalist from La Gasetta, who moved to Salta and joined the work teams of Patricia Bullrich,

Some from Tucumán who did not attend the reception of the honor were also FURP scholars and participated in its exchange programs in the United States, Yerba is the mayor of Buena, Marian CamperoMinister of Government and Justice, Caroline Vargas Agnasechairman of Channel 10 and university professor Rodolfo Tercero Burgosvice president of Channel 10 and bureau chief of Tafu Viejo and head of Atlético Tucumán, Ignacio Golobici,

Also journalist for Los Primeros and columnist for La Geseta alvaro aurane and Senior Vice President of Mercado Libre, James Cohen Imachamong many others.

The FURP presents itself as a private institution of public interest, which seeks to contribute to the formation of leaders of university extraction, within the framework of a responsible dialogue, without any form of exclusion or sectarianism.

Their goal, he says, is to enable young Argentines with leadership skills to acquire better knowledge in political, economic and social affairs, so that they can contribute to improving their performance in the areas of national affairs in which they participate. Eh.

Since its inception, FURP has attracted more than 2,200 fellows from across the country, including prominent leaders in a variety of fields, including governors, legislators, mayors, councilors, diplomats, judges, journalists, private sector leaders and third parties. areas are included.

In the United States, the reception in honor of exchange program graduates brought together Abigail DresenDeputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of the United States of America; michelle riblingUS Embassy Public Affairs Advisor; Lourdes BridgePresident of the FURP; Fabian Perekodnik, Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Province of Buenos Aires; Mayor of Zarate, osvaldo caferoJournalist Luis Rosales

they were also present Francois Quintana, vice-president of the Judicial Council of Buenos Aires; political analyst, fabian streetjudge Marcelo Lopez AlfonsinPresident of Chamber IV of the Appeals Chamber for administrative, tax and consumer contentious relations, among others.

Selfie Noguera, Romano Nori, Courelle. (Photo: Instagram Manuel Coural)(Photo: Instagram Javier Noguera)

Kaurel and Romani Nori. Photo: Twitter @ EmbajadaEEUUargRomano Nori, Garwich and Noguera, among others. (Photo: Twitter @ARomanoNorri)

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