Police investigate possible case of fatal driving after official ‘knowingly’ let COVID-19 positive individual attend council meeting

VALLEY MILLS, Texas (KWTX) – The Valley Mills Police Department announced it has launched a criminal investigation into whether a Valley Mills town official accused of “knowingly” letting a person who tested positive for COVID-19 enter the hotel in city ​​for a July 11 council meeting is expected to be charged with murderous driving.

Police were alerted on July 13 when several residents filed complaints.

“Evidence reported that the official assisted the carrier of COVID-19 into the building and recklessly exposed several citizens who were present to the communicable disease,” Valley Mills Police Chief Roy wrote. Fikac.

“In addition to the alleged reckless driving, it was reported that the public official failed to alert the mayor, council and citizens present that he had permitted a citizen with COVID-19 to enter the building and to reach out to the public,” Fikac further wrote.

The police chief reminded the public that COVID-19 is a deadly virus and a non-fatal illness can still result in hospitalization and intensive care requiring a ventilator.

“People of all ages with underlying health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, lung disease and obesity are also at high risk when exposed to someone with COVID-19,” said said the police chief.

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