Pierre Poilievre is Canada’s most dangerous and appalling politician

Pierre Poilievre has always appalled me.

But as Canada Day approaches and Ottawa prepares for more “freedom” protests on Parliament Hill which Poilievre wholeheartedly supports, I am even more appalled.

It’s because the frontrunner in the Tory leadership race genuinely believes in the crazy ideas and causes he comes up with, or he’s a dishonest non-believer who shamelessly promotes such nonsense in order to garner support. of angry and disgruntled Canadians in his bid to become party leader.

What is more troubling is that I don’t know which of these two dreadful options is more dangerous – for what they say about Poilievre as a potential Prime Minister, or what they suggest about the direction that takes Canada as a nation.

Clearly, right-wing extremism and populism are becoming more accepted in Canada – and Poilievre is enthusiastically weathering this brewing storm.

He loudly – ​​and proudly – ​​supported the illegal blockades and unruly acts of the so-called freedom trucking convoy that crippled downtown Ottawa in February, talks about getting rid of all “ gatekeepers” preventing Canadians from enjoying the “freedom” they deserve, rails against the “elites,” vows to fire the Governor of the Bank of Canada, backs the volatile bitcoin currency, and wants Canada to be a world leader in controversial cryptocurrencies.

As Donald Trump did by winning the 2016 US presidential election – and continues to do so as he prepares for a likely presidential election in 2024 – Poilievre is tapping into some of voters’ worst instincts, stoking populist rage in Canada the same way Trump does.

Above all, it will be a disaster for liberals and New Democrats to underestimate the intellectually dishonest Poilievre. Polls indicate he is firmly ahead in the Conservative leadership race and is starting to gain strength among swing voters.

Scott Reid, communications director for former Prime Minister Paul Martin, tweeted a warning this week to those who are confident that voters will reject what he calls “this Crypto-king”. Reid wrote: “Sufficient complacency is exactly how countless governments have met their Waterloo. Do it.”

Clearly, there is deep resentment, resentment and anger among frustrated rural residents, minimum wage workers and small business operators who are beginning to vent their rage against Ottawa, against the “elites” and against the “privileged”.

There’s no doubt that we’re angry these days – angry at what’s happening to the economy and the United States, angry at Russia, angry that we’re now in year three of COVID.

And we are offended by the displays of privilege of political leaders (including Poilievre) who have never had a real job in their lives, university professors who pontificate on issues that an average worker knows better than them, and speeches at CBC and other media panels.

Canada should rightly be concerned about this populist anger simmering in many parts of our country.

This unrest is not just coming from the fringes, but now from the center, from “leaders” like Poilievre, and is allied with the movement of spiteful anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists, anti-government anarchists and Trudeau haters.

Such a movement may have started out selling itself as apolitical – despite its ridiculous demands such as the Governor General kicking out the ruling Liberals – but it has become much more than that.

Most conservatives seem to like Poilievre, his reckless policies and his support for this movement and disruptive “freedom” rallies. But the consequences of empowering an intellectually dishonest politician like Poilievre could be devastating and long-lasting.

Sadly, few Canadians seem to pay attention to what’s going on within the Conservative race and why Poilievre might be the most dangerous politician in the country right now. He has the potential to not only divide his own party, but to divide the country even more than it is now.

It is time Canadians took notice. The stakes are high and the clock is ticking.

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