Peter Obi urges Nigerians to back productive politician for 2023 presidency

Obi urged Nigerians to support a president who is productive and not just interested in the title.

The former governor told Minna as much when he came to seek support for his presidential ambition on Sunday, March 20, 2022.

Describing Nigeria as a country in crisis, Obi said everyone, including the wealthy, was suffering in the country.

He said, “The problems this country is facing right now are huge, is it insecurity, fuel shortage? We must ensure that we support a president who is not just after the title, but a productive Nigerian.

“Everyone is suffering in Nigeria whether you are a big man or not. We are in a crisis situation because you cannot even travel by road in certain parts of the country. The cost of diesel, food, everything is going up and we cannot bequeath Nigeria to our children as it is,” he said.

“Nigeria is more important than all of us, we have to build a better Nigeria for our children and we cannot build that when the majority of the people are poor.

“Nigerians should start asking politicians fundamental questions to avoid failures in the past.

“If people come around to tell you they want a particular political position, ask them what they want to do for the country. Ask them some basic questions.”

Obi advised Nigerians to question anyone who comes seeking their support for their political ambition.

He added that the reason why politicians do not take promises made during campaigns seriously is that Nigerians do not ask about their previous promises before giving them another opportunity.

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