Oregon Democratic Governor Candidate Nicholas Kristof Takes Silver Race Lead

Former journalist and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nicholas Kristof announced on Monday that he had raised just over $ 1 million in recent weeks, putting him ahead of all other candidates in the fundraising campaign at the start of the race.

In a press release, Kristof’s campaign touted the number of Oregonians who contributed to his campaign: more than 2,500 people statewide, which Kristof cited as evidence that “people from all corners of this state are ready for new leadership ”. However, only 173 of those 2,500 are named in its public campaign fundraising records because campaigns do not need to disclose information about donors who give $ 100 or less.

Unsurprisingly, given Kristof’s career in writing on international humanitarian issues, some of his major initial donors are people involved in philanthropy outside of Oregon. Melinda Gates donated $ 50,000 to Kristof’s campaign, as did investor David Cohen, who runs a charitable trust and venture capital fund in Africa. Tom Bernthal, co-founder of strategic marketing firm Kelton Global also donated $ 50,000.

But the most interesting donor to some Oregonians might be the Angelina Jolie Family Trust, which gave Kristof $ 10,000.

State Treasurer Tobias Read, a Democrat from Garden Home, said he has raised $ 485,886 so far this year and House Speaker Tina Kotek, D-Portland, said he has raised $ 414,103 , according to state campaign financial records.

Casey Kulla, farmer and Yamhill County commissioner, also a Democratic primary candidate, said he raised $ 52,344 and Patrick Starnes, who ran for governor as an independent in 2018, raised $ 8,111.

State Senator Betsy Johnson, a Democrat from Warren who plans to run in the 2022 general election without a party, said she only raised $ 65,850.

Among the Republicans running for governor, Salem doctor Bud Pierce leads the fundraiser with $ 748,040, including hundreds of thousands of dollars in his own funds. Next are Insurance Director and Mayor Sandy Stan Pulliam with $ 512,445, followed by political consultant Bridget Barton with $ 355,697, according to state campaign fundraising records. Medford businesswoman Jessica Gomez raised $ 144,745.

Kristof’s top donors in Oregon include bookstore founder Michael Powell, who donated $ 5,000, and Columbia Sportswear chief lawyer Peter Bragdon, who also donated $ 5,000.

—Hillary Borrud

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