Official charged with Vegas murder faces job ouster

LAS VEGAS, AP — A judge ruled Wednesday that a local official accused of killing a Las Vegas reporter last month could be removed from his post as Clark County public administrator.

Robert Telles has been jailed without bond for murder since September 7, five days after Review-Journal reporter Jeff German, 69, was stabbed outside his home and found dead the next day.

Authorities say Telles’ DNA was found on German’s body during an autopsy and evidence was found at his home linking him to the murder.

Prosecutors said the German’s reporting on disputes in the public administrator’s office likely contributed to Telles’ defeat in the June Democratic primary election.

District Court Judge David Jones heard arguments from the district attorney’s office and an attorney for Telles on whether the county had grounds to seek the removal of 45-year-old Telles. whose term ends on December 31.

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The county filed an impeachment request for Telles last month, saying he was unable to carry out his job responsibilities and had been negligent in his duties.

Telles heads the county office that manages the assets of people who died without a will or family contacts.

Authorities said the county will now move forward with appointing someone to fill the end of Telles’ term, which expires Jan. 1 when the new public trustee elected in the Nov. 8 general election takes office.

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