Nigeria needs a professional politician not a professional politician – Udom Emmanuel

The Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Udom Emmanuel.

April 27 (THEWILL) – Akwa Ibom State Governor Udom Emmanuel has said Nigeria needs a professional politician not a professional politician as president in 2023.

Emmanuel revealed this in Calabar during an advisory visit to delegates from the Cross River State branch of the People’s Democratic Party.

He told delegates that he pays dividends in the private sector and also pays dividends in public and thinks he is good enough for the office of President of Nigeria.

“I keep telling people that we are a country of 200 million people, so we don’t need a professional politician, we need a professional politician.

“A man who has successfully paid dividends in the private sector and has also paid dividends in a democracy and looking around me, I think I qualify.

“If we can do this at the sub-national level, what will we do the day when we control the policies at the center, that means Nigeria can easily be saved.

“We are challenged by the problems of the country and we come to save and restore Nigeria.

“We need someone today who will put our policies in place consistently, rise to the challenge, bring us back and also challenge the status quo.

“I succeeded in the private sector, the public sector and so give me Nigeria and I will restore it,” Governor Emmanuel said.

He also told delegates that Nigeria is one of the few countries on planet Earth, where a graduate is a gateman and he comes with a message that he believes he has the solution to Nigeria’s economic challenges.

He added that God’s gift to man is man and he offered to partner with God to save Nigeria.

Earlier, the chief executive of campaign organization Udom Emmanuel, Senator Gabriel Suswan said in 2023 that Nigeria needs a president who understands basic economics and knows the difference between money and money. ‘money.

He said Udom Emmanuel is a credible man and has the creativity to lead the country.

On his part, the leader of the PDP in the state, Liyel Imoke, said that Udom Emmanuel has the ability to lead the country.

He promised that the state PDP will continue to work with him and support him.

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