Marianne O’Connor: ‘Governor’s choice is as clear as Moosehead Lake’

I wonder if people have seen the ad from the Republican Governor’s Association, suggesting that Paul LePage understands economic hardship. We learn how LePage survived a harrowing childhood; he was homeless, he understands.

But if LePage understood the pain of poverty, why did so many children and families in Maine suffer from food insecurity during his two terms?

The Maine Governor’s Office of Policy and Management revealed that after LePage’s departure, child poverty in Maine increased. The most vulnerable Mainers have faced severe cuts to health care, food aid and emergency cash assistance.

Governor Janet Mills has advanced the goal of statewide food security for all children in Maine. She offered to continue funding the free school lunch and breakfast programs for every child attending Maine public schools.

For Mainers, the governor’s choice is as clear as Moosehead Lake. We have to vote for Mills in November. Let’s keep Maine moving forward.

Marianne O’Connor, Lisbon Falls

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