Louisiana politician praised for recycling awareness • Recycling International

Lieutenant Governor Nungesser, right, receives his award from Alton Schaubhut at the NLGA annual meeting.

Louisiana’s second-highest-ranking politician was recognized by the United States-based Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries for his dedication to recycling.

Louisiana Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser received the Organization’s Recycling Impact Award with ISRI President Robin Wiener, saying he was a true advocate for businesses that directly benefit people. communities where they operate. “He is a champion of the state of Louisiana’s recycling, conservation and beautification efforts. ISRI members in Louisiana know that if they need anything, Nungesser is there. ‘

ISRI and the National Lieutenant Governors Association (NLGA) present the award annually to a member of the NLGA who commits to working within a state, region and / or community to achieve a positive impact on the conservation and recycling of resources.

The award was presented by Alton Schaubhut, Second Vice President of the Gulf Coast Regional Section of ISRI. He is also Marketing Director of CMC Recycling. Schaubhut recalled how Nungesser attended the 2017 ISRI convention and exhibition in New Orleans, visiting the showroom.

“The lieutenant governor followed up this visit with a meeting with all recyclers in Louisiana to find out how his office could help the state’s recycling companies,” he said. “Since then, Nungesser has continued to stay in touch with local recyclers, support local businesses and create jobs that directly impact the local economy for the better. We salute and thank Lieutenant Governor Nungesser for all he has done and will continue to do to improve the recycling industry in the State of Louisiana.

In response, Nungesser said recycling and environmental conservation efforts are essential to the health and vitality of Louisiana communities. “The recycling industry creates jobs for Louisianans, with an economic impact of US $ 1.3 billion (€ 1.1 billion) in our state and I am proud to support the efforts that make Louisiana a destination to live, work and visit. “

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