Indian government official calls for $29 billion in Aadhaar savings

Senior official says Indian government has saved billions of dollars through Aadhaar, while speeding up benefit delivery and cutting out middlemen, making biometrics-based digital ID system one of the most successful of its kind in the world.

Amitabh Kant, CEO of government policy institute NITI Aayog, says eliminating fraud and duplicate entries in public benefit rolls has saved India 2.22 trillion rupees (about $29 billion), reports The Indian Express.

The savings come from the total of 315 federal plans and 500 state level plans currently using Aadhaar.

Kant made the statement during a workshop on “Recent Initiatives to Simplify the Use of Aadhaar”, and added that the digital ID system has established a “solid foundation” for the Digital India strategy.

“Aadhaar has set an example globally of how digitizing public infrastructure can play a huge role in inclusive development. We are not surprised that many countries are looking to replicate the Aadhaar system to digitize their public infrastructure…every household now has access to formal banking services as well as a platform to avail credit, insurance and schemes low-value pension, ”he said, quoted. by Express.

Kant also argued that inclusion is “the central tenet” of Aadhaar and that its gains in digital innovation and economic development have come in large measure through the empowerment of women.

The comments follow the latest disturbing incident and confusing communication from the UIDAI, which operates the digital ID system, and allegations of denial of service and breach of privacy.

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