In Imo, a former senior government official joins the Labor Party

A former Imo State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Prof Francis Dike (SAN), has officially joined the Labor Party (LP), ending his long break from partisan politics.

Addressing the party’s National Vice President (South East), Agumba Innocent Okeke, and other leaders, Prof. Dike expressed his joy at joining the party which he said had become a movement in the country .

He described the LP presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, as a Nigerian son and not just an Igbo, as his approach to issues was nationalistic in nature and most of the people who supported him were from other parts of the country.

“And if you watch, you’ll understand that God is positioning him for something big,” he said.

Professor Dike, who is also the leader of the Orlu Elders Forum and a loyal member of the Imo Elders Forum, said he hoped to attend a debate between Peter Obi, Atiku Abubakar and Bola Tinubu to give Nigerians an opportunity to assess the candidates on their programs for the country to enable the electorate to vote wisely in the upcoming elections.

He commended the Nigerian youth for identifying with Obi after seeing that he was the person sent by God to make their dreams come true.

“As for me, I am concerned about Peter Obi’s move because that is where my children’s future lies,” he said.

In response, LP Vice President Agumba Okeke praised Professor Dike for identifying with the party.

He said the party was formed to be victorious and designed for the common man from the days of former national chairman, leader Dan Nwanyanwu, to the current man, Abure.

Okeke, who praised Professor Dike for his identification with the party, assured that with Obi as president, the problems of insecurity, unrest and bad economy would be greatly reduced.

He added that “Labour has put everything in place to ensure that Peter Obi wins convincingly. If they say Obi is only on social media, they say so at their peril.

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