Ilocos Sur Gov. Ryan Luis Singson: The man behind the politician

WORDSWORTH – Mons Romulo – Star from the Philippines

December 21, 2021 | 00h00

When traveling to Ilocos Sur, which is about six to eight hours north of Metro Manila, one cannot help but admire the rich farmland planted with corn, palay and Virginia-type tobacco. and the kilometers of roads and bridges that connect the 34 cities and municipalities of the province.

The people are in a good mood, often shy. They go about their business and are ready to help when needed. As we discover the beauty of the coasts and mountains of Ilocos Sur, we gain insight into the nature and management style of the “father of the province,” Governor Ryan Luis V. Singson, whose contribution to peace, the safety and progress is remarkable.

Son of political pillar Luis Chavit Singson and the late Evelyn Singson, Governor Ryan began his political career in 2010. Graduated in Hospitality Management and Institutional Management from De La Salle University – Saint Benilde College, he is is primarily a businessman, being the owner of the Vigan Plaza Hotel in Vigan City.

But the call to public service beckoned him and 11 years later he accomplished the gargantuan task of leading Ilocos Sur to the peaceful and prosperous province it is today.

For Governor Ryan, the test of a true leader is how he responds to adversity and helps transform challenges for the good of his people.

One of the sectors that is most important to him is that of the province’s agro-fishing. He believes that farmers and fishermen are the backbone of the province and help them become self-reliant by continuously providing agricultural and fishing tools, machinery and equipment and strengthening the role of cooperatives in the province.

Now at the end of his three terms, he looks forward to continuing to serve his fellow Ilocanos, this time as Vice Governor and looks forward to spending more time with his beautiful wife, Patch Savellano Singson, his daughter. Elise and her sons Rylus and Ryker.

When asked what his favorite quote was, he quickly replied, “That’s a quote from American football coach Vince Lombardi, which is:” The price of success is hard work, dedication to work. to accomplish and the determination that we win or lose, we applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand. ‘”

He continues: “I believe this quote applies not only in the realm of public service, but in every given situation; this has been my guide from the first day I entered the arena of public service.

We asked his wife Patch to share 10 things about Governor Ryan with us.

“He’s a cleanliness freak. “

1. He’s a neat freak. He is obsessed with cleaning and remodeling the house. He loves to restore things. I don’t know what it is, but he loves to take something dirty and make it clean.

2. He loves the outdoors. He enjoys camping, driving, going to the beach, hiking and trail running. He loves nature. He loves camping in Cervantes, Saucedo and in the highland towns of Ilocos Sur, because of the good weather. He loves Amanpulo!

3. People think he is fearless, and he is wrong. Besides the obvious fears like losing a loved one or something bad happening to a loved one, he also has a lot of fears. He is afraid of spiders and cockroaches. How does he overcome his fears? Ryan is a very strong man. He faces his fears one day and one moment at a time. He is a very positive person. He prays. He still thinks that everything will work out in God’s plan.

4. It’s a morning person. He sleeps around 10-11 p.m. and wakes up between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m. and starts his day by going to the gym.

5. He loves sports. He was a college football player in high school at Brent International School. This is one of the reasons he encourages children to play sports. And that’s one of the reasons he has done a lot to promote sport in our province.

6. He finds all fun. He laughs at anything or everything. He is so “mababaw”. He loves watching funny videos and laughs about it to himself. Correction! Not just laughing, but literally rolling across the floor laughing. He especially likes the IG posts by Lucky Manzano and @ khaby00.

7. He’s a good cook. He loves to cook. I love their steak and Vigan longganisa pasta.

8. He has previously stayed in a dormitory. He studied in the United States at the age of nine and spent three years in a dormitory at Judson School in Arizona.

9. He’s a Star Wars fan. He loves to collect Star Wars collectibles. He even watches all the movies hundreds of times.

10. He loves the PlayStation. He can stay all day, literally 24 hours in the AV room just to play. It is his mode of relaxation. His favorites are “Call of Duty” and anything that contains zombies. He’s a zombie fan. *

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