Governor of Jharkhand tells Top Cop

Ranch: Jharkhand Governor Ramesh Bais has asked the state police to release the names and addresses of protesters who campaigned against the BJP leaders’ anti-Islam remarks.

Bais also asked DGP Neeraj Sinha and other senior officials whom he had summoned to Raj Bhavan to post their photographs on signs at key locations so people could identify them, according Indian Express.

A similar pattern has been seen in Uttar Pradesh, where police are known to display posters with photos and other details of alleged defendants after protests.

A police officer sticks up a poster of those accused of communal violence in Kanpur, Monday, June 6, 2022. Photo: PTI

Protests in Jharkhand took place on June 10, alongside several cities across India. In Ranchi, police fire reportedly killed two protesters. More than 25 people were reportedly injured.

“How many arrests have been made so far? How many FIRs have been recorded? Find out the details of all protesters and those who have been arrested, make their names/addresses public, return their billboards by posting their photos at key locations around the city so that the public can also identify them and help the police,” the governor told officials. .

He also asked if the police had identified people spreading rumors on social media and if any action had been taken to punish them.

“All of these people need to be identified and punished,” Bais said.

The Director General of Police informed Bais that, according to an Intelligence Bureau (IB) report, an attendance of only 150 people was expected, but thousands showed up. Ranchi Police Chief Superintendent Surendra Kumar Jha and Deputy Commissioner Chhavi Ranjan were among the officials invited to meet the governor.

“Why didn’t you use water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas. There was no provision for those things there. Why?” Governor Bais asked senior police and administration officials, according to an official statement from Raj Bhavan.

“What information did the administration have about the proposed event, the picketing, the demonstration, the procession and the arrangements you had made. You have IB, CID and what entries did the special branch give? How many security guards and magistrates were present during the operation of the procession? Why didn’t you take any preventive measures? ” he added.

The governor asked why the police and staff weren’t even wearing helmets and protective gear.

Security was tightened in sensitive areas of Ranchi and 25 FIRs were registered against “thousands” of people, police said.

(With PTI inputs)

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