Government official made derogatory remarks about Mahatma Gandhi

Raipur: After Hindu religious leader Kalicharan Maharaj’s derogatory remarks about Mahatma Gandhi in Chhattisgarh, a government official has now reportedly made derogatory remarks about the Father of the Nation on social media. After which the state government suspended the officer. On Monday, senior state officials said that, accused of making derogatory remarks against Mahatma Gandhi on Facebook, the foreign government suspended Raipur District Deputy Food Officer Sanjay Dubey.

Officials said the State Directorate of Food, Civilian Supplies and Consumer Protection issued a stay order for Dubey. The order stated that Constable Dubey’s derogatory and condemnable remarks regarding the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi on social media constitute a violation of the Chhattisgarh’s civil service (conduct) rules. Sanjay Dubey is therefore suspended with immediate effect.

On Sunday, Kalicharan Maharaj ‘The disparaging remarks about Mahatma Gandhi at Dharma Sansad in the capital Raipur are discussed on social media. Dubey is said to have made reprehensible remarks about Mahatma Gandhi on Facebook. According to a viral screenshot on social media, Dubey responded to Piyush Kumar’s remarks on Facebook by saying, “Gandhi is not a nation, and the majority of this country does not consider him the father of either. the nation”. The Father of the Nation is not a constitutional title either. It is the one who spoke of the partition of India on his corpse which divided the country into two parts. He is responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands of compatriots. The same post was followed by a heated exchange on social media.

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