Footage shows US security guards confronting Nevada politician, not state governor

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A video of security guards stepping on a black man has been shared thousands of times on Facebook in Nigeria, alongside a claim that it shows the Nevada state governor being manhandled for being an Afro- American unknown to the police. However, the man in the clip is Republican politician Mack Miller, who is running for lieutenant governor of Nevada, but is not the sitting governor. Another video from the same events shows Miller was not the only one to be kicked out of the meeting where local officials passed a resolution declaring the disinformation of Covid-19 a public health crisis.

“The governor of Nevada USA, an African American on his way to a meeting was not recognized by security and was treated like a real black man and they almost killed him,” the video caption reads , which has been viewed over 71,000 times since. it was published October 5, 2021.

A screenshot taken on October 15, 2021, showing the fake message

The man, dressed in a suit and holding papers, is escorted along a passageway by uniformed guards before being pushed through a security checkpoint and falling to the ground.

The claim that the man in question is the governor of Nevada, however, is false, while separate footage preceding the incident also provides additional context.

governor of nevada

A Google keyword search revealed that Steve Sisolak is the outgoing governor of the state. Nevada never had an African American to run it, according to the National Governors Association list of former governors.

Screenshot taken on October 15, 2021, showing the personal website of the Governor of Nevada

The man in the video is Republican Party politician Mack Miller, an African American functioning for the post of lieutenant governor in Nevada. The lieutenant governor occupies a post after the governor.

Miller Recount Fox News’s “The Ingraham Angle” shows him attending a meeting in Clark County as part of a free speech protest when the incident occurred.

Clark County Commissioners were meeting to declare Covid-19 disinformation and disinformation a public health crisis. The county is responsible for more than 80 percent new cases of Covid-19 recorded in Nevada. Miller and others attended the hearing to oppose the motion.

According to 3 News, a Clark County spokesperson said a group of attendees became disruptive after security guards asked one to put on his face mask after “many people got loud [and] it became necessary to empty the room ”.

The Nigerian Facebook post claims Miller was targeted because of his race. However, another video from the same incident shows that he was one of a number of protesters, including whites, escorted out of the building.

A screenshot of a video taken inside the meeting room, showing other people, alongside Miller, being asked to leave the building

As security guards push Miller through the checkpoint and he falls to the ground, a woman is also seen being thrown and asked to leave the building. She refuses, saying, “I’m her friend and I don’t trust you guys.”

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