Failed politician Caitlyn Jenner speaks out about trans athletes again

Caitlyn Jenner meets with members of the press to admit defeat in a California recall election. (Luis Sinco/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

We regret to inform you that Caitlyn Jenner is once again speaking out about trans athletes as she enters into the Lia Thomas debate.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association, which regulates more than a thousand student-athletes in the United States, announced on Wednesday (January 19) that it had abandoned its decades-long inclusive policy for trans competitors.

Passing guidelines that put it in the company of the U.S. and international Olympic committees, the NCAA has dismissed its responsibilities in having individual sports governing bodies decide whether trans, non-binary, and gender-nonconforming student-athletes can compete.

And Jenner, who recently failed in her bid to become governor of California, is happy about it.

“I’ve said all along that biological boys shouldn’t play in women’s sports,” she told Fox News. America Reports co-host, Sandra Smith, Wednesday night.

“We have to protect women’s sport.”

Caitlyn Jenner Slams the ‘Waking World’ That Wants Trans Inclusivity in Sports

Caitlyn Jenner took aim at Lia Thomas, a University of Pennsylvania swimmer who has been dragged into the center of the debate over trans inclusion in women’s competitive sports.

Critics call her participation “unfair”, with Olympic gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps, who has 50% long limbs, likening it to “doping”.

Still, it wasn’t until recently that Thomas lost to three cis women and a trans man, placing fifth in the women’s 100-yard freestyle in double meets with Yale and Dartmouth.

Lia Thomas of the Pennsylvania Quakers shakes hands with a contestant. (Getty/Hunter Martin)

And in the wake of new NCAA rules, Thomas is expected to comply with USA Swimming’s trans policies to compete in upcoming NCAA championships – but the body has no formal policy, making his future uncertain.

“Obviously it was Lia Thomas who brought a lot of attention to this issue,” Caitlyn Jenner said. “First of all, I respect her decision to live her life authentically. 100 percent.

“But it also comes with responsibility and some integrity. I don’t know why she does this. For two reasons: first, it’s not good for the trans community.

“We have a lot of issues in the trans community that are very difficult and very empowering. We have a suicide rate nine times that of the general population. »

The retired decathlete, 72, added that Thomas was “not good for women’s sport” and called her participation “unfortunate”.

“All of this is a waking world that we live in right now is not working,” she added. “I feel sorry for the other athletes out there, especially at Penn or anyone she’s competing against.

“Because in this waking world you have to say, ‘Oh my God, this is awesome. No it is not.”

The NCAA’s new policies — or rather lack thereof — have been heavily criticized by LGBT+ activists and sports officials, pointing out that the move comes amid a wave of anti-trans bills obstructing state lawmakers.

Weeks into the new year, Republican lawmakers in at least seven states have proposed laws targeting trans youth, from their access to vital health care to their ability to participate in school sports.

The College Swimming and Diving Coaches Association of America, which represents thousands of swimming coaches, noted he was “disappointed in their inability to take the lead on this important issue”.

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