Extra Extra: It seems you can accuse a civil servant of being ‘Banksy’ so aggressively that they resign in frustration

Good Friday afternoon in New York, where we are for a little rain and then a BEAUTIFUL long weekend. Here’s what else is going on:

  • A 16-year-old boy in Bellport, Long Island, was arrested last night for threatening to carry out a mass shooting at his high school today.
  • The New York Times has a long article on Jumaane Williams particularly calm gubernatorial campaign and how the progressive public defender’s race was complicated by his wife’s cancer treatments and the premature birth of their daughter.
  • New York City Access-a-Ride users push back against MTA requirements that they show up in person for physical fitness evaluations to prove they are sufficiently handicapped qualify for the program, arguing that it is both humiliating and a waste of time.
  • NYU Financial Aid Office Chief Sued for widespread sexual harassment.
  • A former Chelsea resident who moved to Hudson in 2005 and became an anti-gentrification activist takes heat for putting her townhouse down on Airbnb.
  • Recently declassified federal documents give a small glimpse of how the White House would go about trying to keep control of the country in the event of a near apocalyptic event.
  • The new viral TikTok trend among personal finance influencers is saving money in an empty liquor bottle, then crush it and show how much you have in there.
  • A councilor in a small town in West Wales has resigned from his post after being accused of being Banksy. (He insists he’s not Banksy.)
  • Unfortunately, they won’t let Harry and Meghan bring their Netflix reality show Diamond Jubilee cameras.
  • Jon Hamm likes to be in advertising!
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  • And finally, I wanted to do this:

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