Don’t blame UK for BVI failures in public service – Governor

Governor John Rankin. (Photo GIS)

Blaming the Governor or the UK for inadequate policy making and funding of the BVI civil service does not accurately reflect who is really responsible.

Governor John Rankin expressed this view when he recently appeared before the Commission of Inquiry (COI).

He insisted that the elected government is responsible for the problems related to the management of files and the underfunding of the training of public service workers.

He added that his criticisms were not aimed at any particular administration.

Rankin told the IOC that the UK has sought to play its part and the proof is in the £ 2.14million distributed to BVIs since 2018. But that figure, the governor said, contrasts sharply with the investment in training. by the elected government in certain sectors of the civil service.

He further indicated that training in specific areas could actually help support policy development.

Governor Rankin said it agreed that there was more to be done in the area of ​​policy development and noted that this was what was put forward in an existing policy document for the transformation of the public service.

The document is currently being brought forward in agreement with Prime Minister Andrew Fahie.

Governor Rankin said broad areas such as good governance, the digitization of public service e-government, better customer service to BVI residents and better human resource management were among those offered to the Warning.

He said the issue of policy planning capacity is also listed to be addressed in broader areas.

“One of the reasons we need this initiative now, in my opinion, is the chronic underfunding of training in the public service,” said the governor.

“What I do not accept is, with respect to the arguments advanced by the Attorney General, that the lack of what is considered to be ‘policy-making skills’ is one explanation for a number of governance failures, ”said the governor.

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