Christmas card of a politician under gun fire

SALT LAKE CITY – A Kentucky politician has drawn fierce criticism from coast to coast over his family’s firearm-laden Christmas card.

Just days after four people were killed in a Michigan school shooting, the Christmas card sent by Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., Began to gain attention.

On social media, the card has drawn strong criticism from people who say it sends the wrong message, but also support from other lawmakers.

The gun instructor reacts to the Christmas card

Dave & Dujanovic of KSL NewsRadio addressed the controversy on Wednesday. Debbie Dujanovic said she was offended by the Christmas photo and the timing. Dave Noriega said he was not offended by this as the Massie family had nothing to do with the school shooting.

They spoke to a Utah gun instructor who said if you own a gun you need to make sure you get the necessary safety training and lock your guns out of the reach of people. children.

Good Deed Revolution founder Brandy Vega, gun owner and educator, said it’s important for gun owners to know the responsibilities that come with it.

Anyone Can Be Offended By Almost Anything

Debbie asked Vega if she was overreacting.

“You represent a lot of people, but so do Dave,” she said.

People can be offended by almost anything, she said, like a vegetarian offended by the photo of a steak.

Vegas said she teaches a concealed weapons course for the state of Utah and has attended a hunter safety course.

The family in the Christmas photo “is not breaking any of the basic safety rules. They follow the safety protocol that has been taught, ”she said. “We can choose to be offended or not.”

Practice gun safety at home, Christmas or not

“What should we be doing in our own homes when it comes to gun safety?” Debbie asked.

Gun owners should lock their guns if they are not carrying them.

“I keep mine in a safe,” Vega said. “Between mental health, but also suicides – it’s everyone’s responsibility to be a safe gun owner.”

“I’m not offended by this photo, but I’m not a gun owner either. I don’t have a gun at home, ”said Dave. “I’m not very comfortable with them.”

Vega said not everyone should own a gun. If you’re afraid of guns, you shouldn’t own one, she added. And if you don’t know how to handle a firearm, you should take some safety training.

“Some people get them, and they just don’t have the right training. And then that sort of thing happens – the kids get their hands on it, ”she said.

Vega said some people take more ownership of their pets than their guns.

She added that once the trigger is pulled and the bullet leaves the gun, “you can never take it back no matter how badly you want to.”

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