Call on Governor to Veto SB 556 Broadband Bill | Letters to the Editor

In reality, this bill aims to promote the Internet of Things (IoT) by putting in place the 5G infrastructure necessary for autonomous vehicles and “smart” household appliances, all luxury items that only the rich can afford. ‘to offer. Companies’ profits would increase not only from their sale, but also from the data mining that these products facilitate, data that would be sold and used against us in advertising campaigns to further encourage consumerism.

Meanwhile, without local regulations, average citizens would suffer the consequences in terms of negative aesthetic impact, lower real estate values ​​and increased health risks if cell antennas were placed near their homes, schools and businesses.

This bill is now on Governor Newsom’s desk. Please email him or sign the online petition, asking him to follow Governor Brown in vetoing another bad telecom bill.

Amy Martenson, Valerie Wolf, Sharon Parham and Suzanne Baumann

Napa Neighborhood Association for Safe Technology

Editor’s Note: The Register queries Senator Dodd on points raised by the authors. He sent the following response: “The reality is that SB 556 was approved with overwhelming bipartisan support from both houses of the Legislature – the elected representatives of over 40 million Californians. A voice minority claiming not to be a minority do not change the facts, just as their non-scientific critics do not alter the simple truth that wireless broadband is safe and necessary for education, business and public safety. This bill represents a real opportunity improve local coverage, and anyone who’s ever had a dropped call or isn’t able to get high-speed Internet access knows how disruptive it is. “

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