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Australian Labor Party member Matt Thistlethwaite celebrated Barbados’ decision to become a republic, urging his country to go all the way. He wrote on Twitter: “Congratulations to Barbados on officially becoming a republic.

“It is great to see that Barbados will always remain a part of the Commonwealth and that the severing of ties with the British monarchy enjoys the support of the Royals.

“Australia may be next. We are a proud and confident nation and we should be able to express it with our own head of state.

“An Australian Republic is about celebrating our unique independence, culture and identity.”

Australia has a strong history of republicanism with two of its main parties – the Greens and Labor – officially backing an elected head of state.

In 1999, the country held a referendum asking its voters if they supported a republic.

The majority of those who voted, 54.87%, expressed support for the monarchy with 45.13% in favor of relinquishing the Crown.

The Republican movement appears to have gained new momentum in recent years as the royal family prepares for the arrival of King Charles.

In March, the Australian Republican Movement (ARM) announced its intention to define a model republic and expressed hopes that a new referendum would be called within a year of the end of the Queen’s reign.

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Australia is one of the 15 overseas kingdoms that still recognize the Queen as head of state.

In these nations, the monarch is represented by the Governor General, who is appointed by Her Majesty after being chosen by the Prime Minister of each country.

As of Tuesday, the Crown will have 14 overseas kingdoms.

Barbados is due to dismiss the Queen as sovereign on November 30, which also marks the 55th anniversary of the country’s independence from the UK.


Prince Charles, who last landed in Barbados on Monday morning as Prince of Wales, will witness the momentous decision.

The future king is due to deliver a speech at a ceremony which will take place in a few hours, during which he will celebrate the “countless connections” that remain between the United Kingdom and Barbados.

He is expected to say, “As your constitutional status changes, it was important to me that I join with you in reaffirming these things that do not change.

“For example, the close and trusted partnership between Barbados and the UK as core members of the Commonwealth; our shared determination to uphold the values ​​we both hold dear and to pursue the goals we share; and the countless bonds between the peoples of our countries – through which flow admiration and affection, cooperation and opportunity – strengthening and enriching us all. ”

This royal visit is intended to mark recognition for the Crown of Barbados’ decision to replace the Queen.

Prince Charles, who last visited Barbados with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, in March 2019, has already seen other countries sever ties with the UK.

In 1980 he visited Zimbabwe to mark the independence of Britain’s last African colony.

Barbados announced its intention to become a republic in September 2020.

Buckingham Palace said at the time that the move was “the business of the government and people of Barbados.”

The Caribbean country’s new head of state will be Dame Sandra Mason – who was previously appointed governor general of the country.

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