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On February 27, 2015, Vladimir Putin’s main political rival was shot dead outside the Kremlin. His name was Boris Nemtsov, a Russian governor whose Western capitalist ideals had won him visits from the likes of Britain’s Margret Thatcher and the presidential endorsement of Boris Yeltsin himself.

The “Another Russia” podcast debuted in July and is co-hosted by Nemtsov’s daughter, Zhanna Nemtsova, and former US deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes. Rhodes and Nemtsova combine their knowledge of world politics with their personal experience to tell the gripping story of a young Russian politician who rose to power following the fall of the Soviet Union.

In each episode of the half-hour podcasts, listeners learn about the life of Boris Nemtsov, a man who achieved great national popularity and was at one time the favorite to replace Yeltsin as President of Russia.

Nemtsov’s story is closely tied to the history of post-Soviet Russia, a period of turmoil when plutocrats became oligarchs, controlling the media and taking over the political arena. Nemtsov opposed these oligarchs and the politicians who allowed their rise to power.

The podcast details this opposition and its consequences, as Russian media defamed Nemtsov on air in a bid to bring candidates like Putin to the fore in the upcoming presidential election. As is now clear, these attempts helped put Putin in power.

Nemtsova and Rhodes show how, after the elections, Nemtsov exerted continued pressure on Putin’s Soviet ambitions. In the 2000s and 2010s, Nemtsov faced multiple arrests for his ongoing fight against Russian corruption.

Nemtsov’s battle for another Russia, free from authoritarianism, ended with his death in 2015. But his dreams are still alive. Nemtsova and Rhodes lay out these dreams and explain how they turned into modern movements.

“Another Russia” is a top podcast in terms of production value, with a clear and engaging story, original background music, incredibly knowledgeable hosts, and educational content. “Another Russia” can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, RSS, iHeart and Stitcher.

Whit Peters is an incoming junior at Selah High School.

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