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Sierra Leone: September 30, 2020:

Many Sierra Leoneans as well as international donors have been dismayed by the devastating misappropriation of millions of dollars intended for those who died from the Ebola virus that struck Sierra Leone in 2013/2014, as thousands died for lack of treatment medical.

An investigation by the country’s Anti-Corruption Commission into missing Ebola funds has indicted dozens of people, many of whom worked in government as well as in the voluntary and private sector.

A parliamentary report recommended that all monies stolen or embezzled from Ebola funds be returned to the state.

The commission of inquiry set up by President Julius Maada Bio to examine the management of public funds by the former government headed by President Ernest Bai Koroma, also examined the evidence of the Ebola case and made recommendations which were published last week, according to which those charged with missing Ebola funds must be returned to the state.

One person named in last week’s commission of inquiry report and in the government’s white paper is Mr Charles Mambu, who now claims to have paid back every penny demanded by the inquiry.

He also says that although state prosecutors told him he was not a person of interest to the commission of inquiry, his name and reputation were destroyed by the government.

This is a statement released yesterday by Charles Mambu’s organization – Health For All Coalition (HFAC):

“The attention of the Board of Directors and Management of the Coalition for Health for All (HFAC) has been drawn to the Government of Sierra Leone’s WHITE PAPER on the Commission of Inquiry (COI) in which our director executive, Mr. Charles Mambu (Photo) was mentioned as one of those MONEY BACK people as previously prescribed by the Public Accounts Committee in 2016.

The board of directors and management wish to make it clear to the general public that the previous decision of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) ordering that we repay the loan has been appealed through the office of the HONORABLE PRESIDENT OF THE PARLIAMENT AND OF THE OFFICE OF THE ANTHONY GENERAL AND MINISTER OF JUSTICE IN 2016.

Pending their responses, the management received the order from the board of directors to repay the loan and at the same time to continue the appeal on the basis of OBEY AND REPORT.

As a result of this directive, the Directorate made the first repayment of this loan to the MINISTRY OF HEALTH AND SANITATION (MOHS) by a check totaling the sum of Sixty Million Nine Hundred Thousand Leones (the 60,900,000.00) .

This check was eventually returned by the Ministry of Health and Sanitation with a statement that it had received instructions from the GENERAL ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT that the reimbursement should be made by prompt transfer to the main treasury accounts with NUMBER OF ACCOUNT NO. 1100501 at the Bank of Sierra Leone.

In accordance with this directive, the loan repayment processes amounting to the sum of ONE HUNDRED SIXTY MILLION NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND LEONES [160,900,000.00] has been reset as indicated and our bankers-FIRST INTERNATIONAL BANK [SL] LTD has been ordered to pay the first installment of sixty million nine hundred thousand (Le 60,900,000.00) through the rapid transfer system as prescribed by the MOHS.

Between September 5, 2016 and AOT 2, 2017, respectively, full loan repayment was made. Copies of receipts for these payments have been sent to the Department of Health and Sanitation, General Anthony’s office and the Honorable Speaker of Parliament.

All of these transactions took place long before the change of government and the creation of the COMMISSION OF INQUIRY by the new government of Sierra Leone.

When the commissions of inquiry were set up, our organization was invited to explain the state of repayment of the loan. As law-abiding individuals, senior members of the organization appeared on the date indicated and reported to the state attorney, lawyer ROBBIN MAISON AND TEAM.

Upon presentation and review of all our receipts and other necessary supporting documents, the State ATTORNEY ordered that Mr. Charles Mambu should NOT appear before the JUDGE as we fully paid the LOAN as stated and he was satisfied with the evidence. presented.

In view of the above, the Board of Directors and Management considered the inclusion of the name of our Executive Director in the WHITE PAPER and its follow-up actions as very regrettable.

It should be noted that at every stage of this case the rule of law must be respected. With this in mind, we have therefore asked our legal representatives to present our responses and views to the HON. ATTORNEY GENERAL AND MINISTER OF JUSTICE AND STATE ATTORNEY LAWYER ROBIN MASON and to ensure that all legal means are implemented to put an end to this case.


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