An Allendale Township official pictured at a rally with a militia member accused in Governor Whitmer – Grand Valley Lanthorn kidnapping plot


In the wake of the fallout from a foiled plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, 13 people have been charged with various offenses related to the attempted coup. One of the defendants, William Null, has local ties both through his participation in a counter-demonstration against the removal of the Confederate statue of Allendale and through his alleged association with Ryan Kelley, a member of the Planning Commission of the Township of Allendale.

After Null’s arrest, photos of him and Kelley resurfaced online during the protest against the statue, as well as screenshots of text messages between Kelley and Allendale Township supervisor, Adam Elenbaas, indicating that he would be present with members of the militia. These messages were sent to Lanthorn after being obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Kelley was also seen with Null at another rally in Grand Rapids, which is also where Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf was shot after sharing a scene with the member of the militia.

A screenshot Facebook comment also surfaced in which Kelley equated the Black Lives Matter movement with the Ku Klux Klan.

“BLM is a hate group that should be classified as a terrorist organization,” Kelley wrote in a commentary on an article that called him racist. “At your first statement, you are obviously misinformed. “

Kelley was an organizer of the American Patriot rally in Lansing in June, which aimed to unite as a militia, he said in an interview. with WWMT. Screenshots of Facebook posts showed Elenbaas showing her support for Kelley and the protests.

Elenbaas said he had no information that anyone in Allendale was aware of the plot to kidnap the governor, and that he had not been contacted by law enforcement regarding the association of ‘Allendale with the plot. Elenbaas is aware of Kelley’s photos but has not been able to establish a direct association between the two.

“There were hundreds of people in attendance and I don’t know if William Null was there in response to public events posted on Facebook or if he was invited by anyone in particular,” Elenbaas said.

Elenbaas did not comment on whether there was a further internal investigation into the case.


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